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And the Queen cries checkmate!
October 6, 2023

You don’t have to play chess to love chess. There’s something for everyone: sport, strategy, history, art, comradery, and life skills.

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Purpose through Creativity
February 12, 2023

Is this your story? Do these words describe you?

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Celebrate Your Creativity Today!
May 30, 2020

Happy National Creativity Day! Take the time today to do or learn something new. The opportunities to be creative are endless!

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If Cookbooks Could Talk, What Stories They’d Tell. Save an Old Cookbook Today!
February 2, 2020

A LIFELONG passion for old cookbooks? Cookbooks are filled with stories: how people lived, the history of the times, memories, food culture, and more.

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Brian Y., Life
Drops in a Bucket, Fill a Bucket
November 1, 2019

Remembering lessons from great-aunts inspires a LIFELONG philosophy to make a difference through words, actions, and intentions.

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