LifeLong BaseballSean H. from Leawood, KS loves baseball!

When he speaks about the sport, you can hear his passion and you can feel his memories in the stories he tells.

Baseball is on his mind in everything he does in the spring,, summer, and fall. When he thinks of the sport, he thinks of the smell of fresh cut grass, the hot sun beating down on him, the sound of the crickets, a ball cap on your head, and playing in the rain.

It’s a dynamic game that can be played in any scenario. You can play with a tennis ball, golf ball, baseball, stick or bat. You can play a pickup game anywhere, and improvise to create bases at any location. And there are no time limits; games can be played well into the night, so long as you’ve got enough light to see!

Even disputes over a play can be resolved with a “do-over.” How many other games let you have “do-overs”?

When recalling where his love for baseball originated, he told the LifeLong team about his childhood memories of playing 2-on-2 games in his front yard. Back then, games lasted for hours every summer day, and oftentimes four or five games were played back-to-back.

Their teams consisted of Sean and his best friend, against his older brother and his friend. Big brother versus little brother…what a match-up!

Sean and his buddy’s record against his brother and friend was something close to 3 wins and 2000 losses. It didn’t matter. It was just two 9-year-olds trying to beat the 11-year-olds, and learning as much they could along the way throughout the years.

When he and his buddy turned 12, the brother and friend didn’t want to play anymore, so it was time to move onto organized teams. When you play organized sports, being with your friends and being a team is the highest priority. As such, the dugout became your favorite place in the world.

The dugout is where you hung out with your team, where you had fun and joked with the guys. Most importantly, it was where you cheered on your teammate who was up to bat against nine other players on the opposite team.

Sean played through high school, and although he decided to focus on academics in college, he loved his time at The University of Kansas, and played with members of their baseball team during the off-season.

Throughout the years, Sean played competitively in local leagues. And now, with a family of his own, he finds himself experiencing baseball through the eyes of his children.

Today, Sean coaches his daughter’s softball team and his son’s premier little league team. They go to Royals games and enjoy America’s favorite pastime together as a family.

Baseball is more than a hobby for Sean, it’s a LifeLong love that now spans generations.

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