Helen White is a LifeLong skierWhen we first launched LIFELONG, I thought it was a fun idea.

Today, it resonates so much differently to me. My sister and I are so passionate about our brand because it’s really about your voice, your story.

How many times have you felt that you can’t associate yourself with either a sport, a hobby or an interest because you never participated in the activity or are not very good at it?

For example, I would never think I could wear a LIFELONG Skier tee because I am not a great skier – yet I love to ski. Not being great doesn’t stop me; I stop me.

I decided that I am going to wear a LIFELONG Skier tee because I love to ski. LIFELONG is about who you are; not what you’re not.

I invite you to join me in sharing your voice and your story on our blog. Tell me about your passion, your profession/occupation or something that you are a LIFELONG fan of.

Email me¬†with your picture and your story and let’s work together so that you can be heard!