Mother's Day Shirt - ElenaWho do you think about when you hear the word “Strength“?

When we think of strength, we think of our mom.

A woman who raised four kids on her own. A woman who hugged us, led us, directed us, and loved us.

Our mother is an amazing individual. She is someone who gave to us before herself, and someone who appreciated us above everyone else.

But what amazes us the most is where her strength came from. As a child, she left her home in Lithuania during the war, in 1944 as the Russian Front moved in.

She and her parents left the country with food, clothes, a wagon, and their cow. They traveled through Germany and Denmark before journeying to the United States in 1950.

Fast forward 65 years. All of these experiences molded our mom into the woman we love; the person who has become our rock through good times and bad.

So on Mother’s Day, we want to honor and celebrate our mom, Elena. Happy Mother’s Day!! We know you’ll wear your LifeLong Strength tee with pride!

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