Brian Y., of Fort Washington, PA, has a LIFELONG philosophy: to make a difference.He wants to give his all for his family and friends and do his part to make the world a better place.

“It’s the little things, like picking up trash. My dad and grandfather instilled in me to never walk by trash, but rather, to pick it up and throw it out. It’s like drops in a bucket. Every time a drop falls into the bucket, eventually, the bucket becomes full. Each time I throw out trash, the environment is cleaner, and as a result, I make a difference.”

Wendell (Brian’s dad), Aunt Virginia, Gladys (Brian’s grandmother), Aunt Jane, Aunt Mimi and Joe (Brian’s Uncle). Missing: Aunt Florence.

Who inspired him? Pausing, he said: “my aunts: Aunt Florence, Aunt Jane, Aunt Virginia and Aunt Mimi.” His great-aunts were strong, incredible women, and successful in their own right.

His aunts taught him about doing things for others, perseverance, and goodness. They inspired him with their wisdom and set an example for him to follow.

Brian didn’t realize what an impact they had on him until he was an adult, and it became more important to him as a father.

Throughout his children’s lives, doors have opened for him to take on leadership roles in the community. For example, he has coached sports teams, led a lacrosse booster club, and started a water polo program at the local high school.

Today, Brian looks for ways to get involved and make a difference for himself and those around him. He contributes to his community, enjoys time with his family and friends, and tries to live a healthier lifestyle. He has completed an Iron Man competition and continues to train for future triathlons.

I know this. Full disclosure: Brian is my brother-in-law and one of the most outgoing and giving people I have ever met.

His advice to us is to remember that words, actions, and intentions can make an impact. There are simple things you can do like calling a family member, helping a neighbor, or just picking up trash. If you start somewhere, you can make a difference.Ebrace LifeDo you have a LIFELONG philosophy? Contact us at LIFELONG today and let us share a page in your story!