Snowboarder and Skier ShirtWe all have our own definition of what the “perfect vacation” might mean to us.

It might be a day spent lounging on the beach. Or it might mean exploring a brand new city. For Kevin H. and Mike D., the perfect vacation means one thing: hitting the slopes!

They love the exhilaration they feel as they hit the slopes with friends, flying down a mountain covered in fresh snow. There’s something truly special about sharing your LIFELONG passion with others.

Every year, these two friends look forward to gathering their crew and taking a break from sunny Florida as they embark on their annual vacation to the mountains of Colorado. After their gear, the most important thing that they always remember to pack is their LIFELONG Skier and Snowboarder shirts!

For these two avid athletes, nothing beats the feeling of waking up at the crack of dawn, layering up in their gear, throwing on their tees, and hitting the slopes for a day jam-packed with adventure. The views from the Colorado mountains are breathtaking, and make the experience even more enjoyable.

Check out the pictures that Kevin and Mike sent to us as they tore their way down the mountains at Snowmass. We love seeing photos of our fans in their LIFELONG tees, from the mountains of Colorado all the way to the Jersey Shore!

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LIFELONG Snowboarder & Skier Shirt Photos