Steve L. from Lower Gwynedd, PA. truly is a LIFELONG fan of Lacrosse! Read his story below!

LifeLong LacrosseFor me, it all began in 5th grade…. I received a lacrosse stick for my 11th birthday.

Coincidentally, that day is also the day I first broke a window at my parents’ house. For some strange reason, my parents went easy on me.

I guess you could say it was love at first sight. And when you add in the stories my friends told me about all of the hitting and contact involved in the game, that was all I needed to hear. I had found my new favorite sport.

Luckily, the high school coach in my district started a formal youth league when I entered the 7th grade. That gave me and my buddies a way to get exposed and learn the sport the proper way.

Almost in an instant, high school lacrosse began. The team was comprised entirely of byproducts of that old youth league, and thanks to some luck and a lot of passion for the game, our team turned out to be pretty good.

By some strange happenstance, my progression into college lacrosse landed me at the school I had always dreamed of attending: Penn State University. I guess you could say things worked out pretty well for me.

After college, like everyone else, I got wrapped up with working, getting married, and starting a family.  Many of my peers were content with saying goodbye to our childhood activities and moving on to golf and tennis. Luckily for me, I was able to start coaching lacrosse with our local high school team and the newly formed youth league. Golf and tennis can wait.

I may be getting older, but luckily I have still found ways to keep in the game…… I have been coaching for the last 15 years and consider it a privilege to pass on my knowledge and experience to the next generation of lacrosse players.

I introduced each of my boys to the game in kindergarten, and thankfully they seem to be catching the same passion I had. We will see where their passion leads them.

Just when I thought my own competitive days were over, the unthinkable happened. At age 35, I started playing competitively again!

I am lucky to have found a group of adults that are able to put on a helmet and gloves and run around for a couple of hours each week, giving each other a couple of bruises, lots of exercise, and plenty of laughs.

From my 11th birthday party all the way up through the age of 42, I have carried with my a LifeLong passion for lacrosse.

……..I will do tennis and golf when I get older.