Lacrosse PillowLacrosse is one of those sports that you can’t help but love. The thrill of the competition, the excitement of scoring goals, the emotion you feel when you gather with friends and teammates for a game.

It’s known as “the fastest game on two feet.” After a day filled with all of that speed and adrenaline, nothing sounds better than crashing on your couch with your brand new LIFELONG Lacrosse Body Pillow!

Our new line of body pillows are such a hit, that we decided to give you an insider’s look on how they’re made. We received a special order for a set of Lacrosse Body Pillows, which will be delivered to the Duke University Blue Devils before they travel to Maryland for their next big game.

In honor of the Blue Devils, we selected a comfy cotton fabric in Navy Blue. After we laid out the material, we lined up the paper stencils for the lettering. We always triple-check our work to make sure everything is perfectly centered!

Lacrosse Body Pillow - 1

Paper letters are laid out and their positions are marked on the fabric

With the lettering in line, we hand-paint each stencil with a bright white fabric paint. As the paint dries, we gently remove the stencils and let each pillow set.

Lacrosse Body Pillow - 2

Each letter is hand-painted onto the body pillow

Once the paint is completely dry, we iron the material and prep it to be sewn together. Each pillow also has a LIFELONG patch hand-sewn onto the back.

Lacrosse Body Pillow - 3

When the stencils are removed and the paint is dry, the fabric is prepped for sewing and our LIFELONG patch is added

Our “seamstress” (my extremely talented mom!) helps us sew each pillow together. I love being able to work with her in designing the final product. She was a seamstress when she came to this country, and has been teaching me her craft for my entire life.

Lacrosse Body Pillow - 4

Our “seamstress” (aka Mom) hand-sews each and every body pillow with love

From the hand-painted letters to the perfect stitching done by our dear mom, it’s obvious that every single body pillow is made with love and care. What a perfect product to reflect your love for your favorite sport or activity!

Want to get your hands on your very own body pillow? Contact LIFELONG and place your order for your custom-made body pillow today!