Be a good person.

Be authentic.

Be respectful.

Be open-minded.


Help others when needed.

Be good to yourself and others; situations will work themselves out.

Finish your commitment.

Check out what life has to offer; fill your life with experiences.

Whatever you do, do your best.

Be grateful.

These are just some of the principles that guide how Matt Y., of Roxborough, PA, leads his life.

Leighton and Matt

I know this for sure, Matt is my uncle.

Uncle Matt is friendly, funny, humble, and an all-around good guy. He reminds me of the importance of the values and lessons I’ve learned from my parents, family, and friends.

In some cases, life does not go as planned, presenting unexpected or trying times. When that happens, Uncle Matt says that’s when you have to stop, breathe, look at the situation for what it is, learn from it, keep going, and follow your journey, wherever it leads.

Recently, Uncle Matt and I were at a family event where we talked about my experiences at my last job, my decision to go back to school, and the possible degrees I was considering. His advice was simple, “Pick a path and go. Keep going. Keep growing.”

I thought – what does that mean? “Keep going. Keep growing.”? It means don’t be stagnant; never stop learning; keep pushing forward, and experience what life has to offer.

Learning how Uncle Matt applies this mantra in his life inspires me to see how I can apply it in mine. It’s simpler than I thought: travel if you can, get together with friends, try new foods, open your mind to new experiences and people, and take advantage of what life has to offer.

I know the life path I’m walking on is heading somewhere, but sometimes I’m not exactly sure where. All the stops and turns along the way make it clear to me that the ride keeps going, and so must I.

So I’m going to keep going, keep growing, and offer this advice to others I meet along the way. Join me, share this advice with others in your community or your network.

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