June 21st is Father’s Day. Take this moment to celebrate Father’s Day by honoring the experiences, influence, and memories of your father, grandfather, or father figure in your life.

Today, I remember my father even though he passed away over 40 years ago. Here are some reasons I am grateful for my dad.

Dad, thank you for:

  • Kissing me goodbye every morning before you left for work.
  • Catching me as I jumped into your arms from the steps in the living room as you came through the front door after a day at work.
  • Coming to get me every time I got lost in the department store (by the way, it wasn’t my fault).
  • Loving my works of art, even though it was just a drawing of Snoopy.

    Uncle Leon, our father’s cousin, visited us frequently after dad died. Some of my favorite childhood memories are with him.

  • Coming to watch me swim at my swim meets.
  • Your service to this country as a veteran of World War II.
  • Leaving me a path that led me to Saint Joseph’s University.
  • Ensuring there was family to check on us and help us feel special after you passed away.
  • Your reputation of kindness.
  • Wisdom to make the best decisions I can even when I don’t know what to do.
  • Being 50% of me.
  • Loving me in a way that I know you are still with me.
  • Being the best dad and for loving mom.

Maternal grandfather Jurgis and me and paternal grandfather Felix.


Do you have LIFELONG memories of your father, grandfather, or father figure that are special to you? Take time today and celebrate these men on Father’s Day, and every day.

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