Around 3:30 a.m., Sandi K., of West Chester, PA, was awoken by her Labradoodle, Murphy, who needed to go outside before he got sick. She rushed him out to do his business, and when they came back in, she discovered a torn-up bag and remnants of the previous night’s desserts on the floor. Now she knew why he was sick – he ate her desserts!

The culprit: MurphyOver a year later, Sandi laughs about the “incident” even though she still mourns the loss of the desserts – leftover chocolate cake with raspberry frosting and the Lebanese pastry.

But Murphy isn’t a trouble maker; he’s the perfect example of why dogs are a woman’s best friend. And Sandi has a LIFELONG love for dogs, especially Murphy.

Last year, Sandi’s other dog Mick, an Australian Shepherd, had cancer. Daily, she carried him up and down the steps during his chemo treatment while Murphy watched intently from the top of the steps. When they came home, Murphy would be waiting in his usual place, at the top of the steps, with his tail wagging, to welcome them after a long day – this was their routine.

One day, Sandi didn’t come home with Mick; she had to put him down. Murphy, in his usual position at the top of the steps, was unaware until Sandi walked in without him. As she entered the house, Murphy did not have his tail wagging; he knew something was wrong when he didn’t see Mick.

It was a sad time for both Sandi and Murphy. And although Murphy missed his buddy dearly, luckily they had each other in that tough time.

The Hero and his buddy – one might argue it’s hard to decide who is who.

Today, Murphy has a new friend – Miss Molly.

A couple of months after Mick died, Sandi was approached to adopt Molly after her owner passed away. Still to this day Sandi wonders who rescued who.

This story is incomplete without mentioning Scooby – Sandi’s first Australian Shepherd rescue.

It was Sandi’s first Christmas with Scooby. As she was decorating the house, she put the family nativity crèche under the Christmas tree. Traditionally, she put the baby Jesus figurine in the crèche on Christmas morning. For some reason, however, she decided to place him in the crèche that Christmas eve.

On Christmas morning, she discovered that baby Jesus, half of the blessed mother, and most of St. Joseph were chewed up and destroyed. Sandi was not happy, and Scooby knew he was in trouble. She put him in his cage, in the bedroom, with the door closed as his punishment.

I asked her how long he was in trouble. She said coyly, “30 minutes”, and we both laughed.

She never told her mom. The nativity set was over 50 years old. Her mom loved Scooby, so no need to make the situation worse.

Sandi has enjoyed many moments with her dogs; it’s the unconditional love that makes it so easy. While her dogs have brought her so much joy, clearly she has loved and done the same for them.

From left to right: Sandi and Cody, Lucy, and Barney.

The majority of Sandi’s dogs are Aussie rescues. Why rescues? Sandi believes if you adopt a rescue, you give a pet a second chance. 

If you are interested in a pet and considering a rescue, check out the Aussie Rescue – Australian Shepherd Rescue and Placement Helpline at

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