Take the journey with pumpkin decorators and experience the fun of transforming pumpkins for Halloween with whimsy or fright, amazing all with such delight!

The pick:
A long healthy stem
Round or flat
Smooth, mottled, warty, bumpy, or pimply
Heirloom (Rouge Vif d’Etampe (Cinderella Pumpkin), Long Island Cheese, or Turk’s Turban)
Big boys, small, medium, or miniature
Slight or heavy ribbing, reddish veining or heavy lobed
Classic Orange
Red, Pink, Tan or Yellow
The Blues, The Greens, Teal, or Purple
Ghostly White or Black

The design:
Spooky, scary, and creepy
Sweet, quirky, funny, and toothy
Monsters, vampires, and witches
People and characters
Bats, cats, and spiders
Skeletons, ghosts, and ghouls
Haunted House
Art deco and 3D sculptures
DIY drawn patterns, stencils or templates
No carve pumpkin designs

Photo credit: Yasemin Bayazıt via Pexels.

The magic:
Innovative designs that inspire and amaze trick-or-treaters, spectators, patrons, and contest judges, allowing pumpkin enthusiasts and carvers alike to experience a moment of pride for their artistic feat.

Celebrate the creativity of those forever inspired and changed by the possibilities a pumpkin brings. Do you have a story to share? Contact us at LIFELONG today!