St Joseph's Fair - craft fair shirtsIf we were to create a LIFELONG tee for the people we met at the St. Joseph’s Christmastide Craft Fair in Ambler, PA on the 14th, it would say “Community.”

What a neat, tight-knit group of people who came together to support their parish! The local vendors who came together to show their crafts and products at the fair are all so talented.

We met a woman whose classroom was called “The Adventurers,” similar to one of our long sleeve tee designs.

Some folks we met asked about designs we should consider adding, such as soccer, hockey and field hockey. One guest even asked if we had a LIFELONG “Beer” tee!

While we hope to continue to build our inventory of designs, it is clear to us that customers understand the meaning of our brand LIFELONG. Keep those ideas coming!

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