At LIFELONG, we believe everyone has a story.

Saturday, 30 May 2020, is National Creativity Day. Let’s celebrate how we apply creativity everyday

The list below includes questions we can ask ourselves to help recognize the creativity within us. Have you ever

  • Found new ways to give thanks, celebrate, or keep hope alive?
  • Made a wrong turn but still found your way?
  • Used what’s in your cupboards/cabinets to make a meal?
  • Tried again or approached a situation from a new or different perspective?
  • Cut your lawn or trimmed bushes/hedges in a pattern?
  • Used your imagination to dream you lived in another time-period or in another country?
  • Made a Halloween costume?
  • Named a pet?
  • Built a sandcastle or snowman?

  • Pursued a dream, a relationship, or a goal?
  • Built a fort or a hide-out in a room using cushions, pillows, sheets, and furniture?
  • Dreamt about what could be?
  • Used paint, crayons, chalk, or markers to make a picture?
  • Used wood, paper, or playdough to make a figure or craft?
  • Written a story, love letter, or a poem?
  • Played charades?
  • Taken pictures of a rainbow or stars?
  • Decorated your home for a holiday?
  • Started a garden?
  • Completed do it yourself (DIY) projects like repurposing furniture or building your own compost bin?
  • Found your way through a Corn Maze?
  • Explored your backyard or the world around you?
  • Knit, crocheted, or sewed clothing or items for your home?

Linens made for my grandparents, Konstancija and Jurgis for their wedding on May 25 1931.

The ability to be creative is endless.

Take time today, and every day, to try something you didn’t think you could do or learn something new. Write a story, paint a picture, organize a small space, play make-believe with your kids, and dream! The options are endless.

Most importantly, celebrate your creativity and add the word creative to the definition of you!

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