Strategically assessing the board, players make their moves, hoping to checkmate their opponent’s king. The audience sits silently, admiring the skill, determination, and strategy of the chess players who move 32 pieces across a board of 64 squares.


A game demanding discipline, concentration, and stamina that challenges the mind from the first to the last move. A game where players compete skill against skill, where winning or losing requires grace.

Rich with history, with its earliest precursor from over 1,500 years to the ancient Indian board game chaturanga, chess brings together all ages with various backgrounds across nationalities.

Players use their imagination and creativity to construct a combination of moves using logic, mathematics, problem-solving, and lateral thinking. Inspiration comes from ideas, techniques, patterns, and the moves of others.

Chess is where friendships and connections develop among those who love the game.

Join us at LIFELONG and celebrate the love of chess. You don’t have to play chess to love chess.

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