About Us

Let words describe you, define you and inspire you.

I’ve learned life is about experiences. I’ve had many experiences myself – both good and bad. But those moments when I discover something new about someone else take me to a place of curiosity, joy, and inspiration.

What once began as a quest to find a custom birthday gift has become a new way of experiencing life – by celebrating someone – who they are and what they love – through storytelling. Whether you love to cook, walk in nature, volunteer, or collect baseball cards – your story matters. Who you are and what you love matters.

At LIFELONG, we believe everyone has a story to share, and our mission is to tell these stories one page at a time. We know you can find joy and inspiration in everyone you meet by simply asking: “What’s Your Story?”

Our promise to you is to provide content that reflects our values:

  • To respect, not criticize, dishonor/disrespect
  • To celebrate, embrace, value differences, not belittle or isolate
  • To champion, not judge, or laugh at
  • To encourage, not silence
  • To unify, not divide
  • To support, not bully
  • To inspire, not discourage

Join us in our mission and celebrate someone today.

If you would like to share a page in your life story, contact us at [email protected].

At LIFELONG, we’re your greatest fan.